VIBE Management

The highest level of Soft-Skill education
for top-level professionals
VIBE - An internal state of fullness.
The supply of electric potential inside the
human's body.
The scientific discovery about Human's Electric Potential (VIBE) made by group of Russian scientists opens up a deep new level in relations between people and social activities.

After 20 years of research and development in physics, social physics, natural sciences, psychology and emotional intelligence
we've created an all-inclusive educational programme to explore your VIBE and develop it strength.

And more than that.
We found a way to measure VIBE using innovative meter device.

As a result you'll raise your potential, productivity and personal efficiency
as well as team performance
up to 62%
Good VIBE is
Sustainable inner state
Reaching new goals with ease
Well balanced personal life
High influence and fascination
Strong health and charisma
New powerful entourage
Stress-free lifestyle
Mind clarity
New edges of yourself
New intellectual, art and sport achievments
Target audience
VIBE Management program is for those professionals
who are ready to add an extra level of knowledge
to their expertise and expand their potential up to 62%
Business owners
Top managers
Create stress-free atmosphere and protect your employees from emotional burning.
Gently transform your
organization to match modern trends and watch your metrics growth.
Sport managers
Pick the right players and help them to become champions without extra pressure.

Master your skills with new exercises for higher results and quick recover.
Actors, Blogers
Inspire your audience with no extra words by showing your true emotions and broadcasting your true VIBE.

Become the best version of yourself and change the World from "Ego" to "ECO".
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Inside the programme
VIBE Management is an all-inclusive 6-month programme.
It contains all essential innovative instruments
to master your soft-skills to the highest level
and become an Extra Coach - VIBE Coach!
Daily exercises
- Quick recharge and resource mood retrieval during the day
- Restore the frequency of natural resonance

3 month
2 times a week
15 minutes per exercise
Theoretical module
- Learn the basics of Social Physics
- Learn about human's electrical charge and it's usage in daily life
- Learn to see the core of social relations
- Understand how to live in balance without extreme
- Find new ways to solve business and daily tasks

3 months
12 classes
72 hours of class time
Practice course
- Get sustainable stress-free lifestyle
- Explore deep emotional intelligence
- Unfold deeper feelings

Individual schedule
10 exercises
1 month
Game trainings
- Learn how to create sustainable synergy effect inside your family or team
- Get deep transformational effect
- Look at the disturbing points from new angle

Two trainings during the programme
8-10 hours each
Offline at one of our campuses (Moscow, Vilnius, Bali, Koh Phangan)
Online Worldwide
VIBE Coach - an innovative meter device to measure and exercise your VIBE
After one month of education every student gets a personal VIBE Coach device to exercise their VIBE in real time.
Dmitry Dobrov
True Synergy Founder
- Leading expert in Synergy and sustainable development
- Speaker of international conferences and exhibitions

- Synergy and sustainable development consultant since 2010
- Coach of Sports teams
- Social engineer
- Blogger

- Founder of Business Oasis training center
- Founder of Ecological Entrepreneurship Association
- Founder of Skolkovo Social Innovations Lab
Tuition fees
VIBE Management programme tuition fees
€50 000
The cost inscludes:
● 4 programme modules
● Full set of study materials
Individual VIBE Coach device
"VIBE Flow" board game and educational set

Accommodation at our campuses during offline modules, food

Payment options:
1. Full payment
2. Installment payments
Before the start of the programme – 30% of the fees;
Before the 2nd programme module – 40% of the fees;
Before the 4th programme module – 30% of the fees;
How to apply
Complete the form online.
You will be contacted by a consultant who will assist you with the next
admission stages
Attend a video interview with our team and set up an individual educational plan
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Choose a payment option which is suitable for you and start education instantly
VIBE Management
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